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Wifi dropping out - Sky Community thanks for that. I did try calling sky but the number I rang said they weren't taking calls due to the current situation, hence me trying to find out what to do on here. if I can use the old router without compromising on speed then I will give that a go and give sky a call when things are back up … Broadband Connection keeps dropping out! - Sky Community Hi, We moved house back in February, and got a new Sky Q router around April time, and the we have struggled since with the broadband connection dropping on various devices, laptop, mobile, TV and Nest smart thermostat. We havent had an engineer out as yet, hopefully providing the router stats

Follow these steps to resolve a problem with an ADSL Broadband connection which is dropping repeatedly. Customers resolve 9 out of 10 issues of this type by completing these steps. Check for Broadband service outages Reboot your equipment Check your WiFi connection is working correctly Disable the time-out feature on your Broadband router

Jul 26, 2007 Sky Broadband keeps disconnecting — Digital Spy sky advised us to up to the max £10 to get a faster speed,the max we can get is 4.5 meg, do you think i need a new a new router as it is really pissing me off you think i should go back to virgin's 2meg at least it was stable with no drop out's . Sky Broadband - Superfast broadband & phone deals |

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router dropping out constantly of which this is the second router I have had, I never had a problem when I had a BT router. i have 2 open reach engineers out this month alone. But still have the same issues. Engineer said the only way I would get guaranteed speed would be if I … Incoming telephone calls cause broadband to drop out - BT Re: Incoming telephone calls cause broadband to drop out Go to solution if you still have the problem of the broadband dropping everytime you receive and/or make a call then you need to phone 151 again and insist on an engineer visit. Sky's best advice ever!!! + help needed (Wireless issue