KnowBe4's Chief Hacking Officer Kevin Mitnick sat down with our team for an exclusive interview where we could ask him anything… We thought you’d like to hear his answers, too. Ever wonder what he thinks about pen testing, how he got into the business, why he works with KnowBe4? Find out now!

An ‘Old-School Hacker’ Fights Cybercrime - WSJ An ‘Old-School Hacker’ Fights Cybercrime After five years in prison, Kevin Mitnick put on a ‘white hat.’ Now he has advice for companies—and for you—about staying safe online. Kevin Mitnick & The Global Ghost Team Security Consulting In the news, on stage and behind the scenes of the most secure systems in the world, Kevin Mitnick and his global ghost team are there, giving both organizations and audiences an extraordinary advantage in the battle for real information security. Virtual Events, Webinars, & Videos. Hire Kevin Mitnick to Speak | Mitnick Security The Story of Kevin Mitnick: Cybersecurity Celebrity Speaker & Threat Demonstrator. As the most elusive computer break-in artist in history, Kevin’s legacy begins with an electronic joyride. The legend (and the truth of it) is that Kevin once hacked into more than 40 of … Kevin Mitnick - the interview for -

KEVIN MITNICK - EXCLUSIVE: The interview of the famous hacker!

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Kevin Mitnick has been crazy-busy with media tours and book promotion stuff, and apologizes for taking so long to answer your questions. But answer he has, at length and in detail, with a brief intro at the start to correct a story in which he says he was misquoted.

TOPICS. Kevin Mitnick speaks exclusively at SecNews for his life, his first contact with hacking and its evolution , which established him as a legend in the sector of security of information systems. In his interview, Kevin Mitnick talks about some of the most critical and important security issues, but also the risks faced by companies and organizations both in Greece and globally, according Kevin Mitnick (2017) Interview - Feb 17, 2017 The Art of Invisibility: The World's Most Famous Hacker Dec 01, 2018 Chapter One: Kevin Mitnick's story • The Register Jan 13, 2003