This interview is with Rebecca Davis, Emerita Librarian. Rebecca joined the UC Davis Library in 1986 as the Coordinator of Online Search Services at the Carlson Health Sciences Library following an…

How to Install the College of Engineering VPN Service The alternative to this VPN solution is the use of the UC Davis Library VPN service. The Engineering VPN uses IPSec technology rather than the Library’s SSL technology. There are pros-and-cons to either technology, but IT Shared Services has chosen a tried-and-true method for VPN services. Frequently Asked Questions and Search Tips If you are a UC Davis Student, Staff, or Faculty member, learn how to connect from offsite using the VPN . How do I request and view items from the Library’s Special Collections? To begin the request process, you will need to sign up for an Aeon Account .

A virtual private network (VPN) service is available for all staff, faculty, and graduate students. Researchers and undergraduate students can request access as needed. Utilizing the service, a computer anywhere in the world can authenticate to the College network and appear to be physically connected to the UC Davis Campus Network.

Jun 16, 2020 1. Navigate to the library’s homepage - UC Davis Library Enter a Name : Library VPN to add a connection Server URL : Click: Add 5 . 12. Select: Connect to Library VPN 13. Enter your UC Davis Kerberos login Then select: Connect 14. Congratulations, you are now connected and have access to the library’s resources!

Click Add VPN Connection. Description = UC Davis Health VPN (or any other name you wish to give). Server Address = Click Save. Slide Anyconnect VPN button to ON. Enter the UC Davis Health Active Directory/HS/Citrix username and password. Approve the DUO push notification on your smart phone. Accept the banner.

Coronavirus Information and Resources for UC Davis Jul 16, 2020 UC Davis IT Knowledge Base - Detail Split Tunneling (and Note to Library Users) The Campus VPN uses 'split tunneling' which means only traffic destined to the UC Davis campus IP ranges flow through the VPN. Traffic destined to other locations, such as netflix or google will not flow through the VPN. Instead Traffic to non-UCD destinations will go directly there from your device. Security Guide | Department of Human Ecology The UC Davis IT Service Catalog lists tech-related services:; The Knowledge Base has information and directions on how to use various technologies at UC Davis:; As always please feel free to reach out to the Human Ecology IT staff with any and all questions. UC Davis Mabie Law Library