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On the iPhone, tap the Settings app, tap your name, then tap Set Up Family Sharing. Creating an … How to setup Create an iTunes Account Without a Credit Mar 23, 2014 iTunes - Working with iTunes - Apple Get your books, music, TV shows, movies, and apps in front of millions of customers on iTunes, the App Store, the iBooks Store, and the Mac App Store. Top 3 Optional Ways to Create iTunes Account

Jan 06, 2020 · Using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch 1. Open the Settings app. This is usually located on your Home Screen. Scroll down and tap the "iTunes & App Stores" 2. Ensure that you are signed out. If you are already logged in with an existing Apple ID, you will need to sign out in 3. Tap "Create New

How to Make Your iTunes Account Valid for Other Countries Each country imposes separate regulations for the use of your iTunes account. You can change the country and become subject to the rules of that country's iTunes agreement, but the change affects all

How to sync your iTunes music library on Android | AndroidPIT {{ l10n.interpolate('ITC.HeaderFooter.Copyright.text') }} © {{ getYear }} {{ l10n.interpolate('ITC.HeaderFooter.Copyright.AppleRightsReserved') }} Create an iTunes account/Apple ID without a credit card In order to download, install and update FREE apps on an iPad, you will need to setup a free iTunes account/Apple ID. It is strongly recommended that you do NOT use an existing personal iTunes account and that you setup a separate iTunes account using your BSD email account. Oct 12, 2018 · Creating your U.S. iTunes account: 1. Make sure you’re logged out of your current iTunes account. Enter the U.S. iTunes Store by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on the flag. Jun 26, 2018 · To create new iTunes backups in the future, just click the “Back Up Now” button while your iPhone is connected to your computer via its cable. iTunes will create a backup and show you the progress in the status display area at the top of the window.